Santa Claus Experience Sessions

Santa Claus Experience sessions in Lake Hiawatha, NJSanta Claus Experience sessions in Lake Hiawatha, NJ

These sessions are a special opportunity for your children to get to spend time actually interacting and chatting with Santa Claus without having to wait several hours in line at the mall. And you'll have beautiful images to remember the experience!

The sessions will last 20-30 minutes and will take place in Lake Hiawatha, NJ on Sunday November 8th. Children will have the opportunity to warm up a bit to the guy in red without having to be quickly tossed on his lap to grab a rushed picture of them looking frightened or crying.

Children will get to chat with Santa, share cookies and milk with him, and receive a special gift from him. The session will be fairly freeform with the child's interests and comfort driving the direction that will be taken.

Families can choose to have all children participate in a single session or to book multiple back to back sessions if they would like.

The sessions are $300 (plus tax) and include a choice of one of three packages.

The Heirloom package includes a 16x16" heirloom print mounted on masonite, two gift prints (a single print 8x10" or smaller=one gift print), and 50 5x7" flat custom holiday cards.

The Digital Age package includes five full resolution digital files that will be available by direct download.

The Mixer package includes two full resolution digital files that will be available by direct download as well as 75 5x7" flat custom holiday cards.

Several pre designed options will be available to choose from for the holiday cards with the opportunity for some customization of the message included. Upgrades to larger cards, folded cards, or boutique shapes are also available if desired.

An online gallery of at least 10 images from the session will be available two weeks after the session and will be accessible for seven days. All orders will be placed directly through the online gallery or through me by phone or email.

Additional items may be purchased at standard a la carte prices. Additional 5x7" flat cards may be purchased at the price of $50 per pack of 25 cards.

To book your session, simply fill out the form below and either pay through the form by credit card or mail your $321 (with tax) check to 302 Oak St., Boonton, NJ  07005. Looking forward to creating some very special memories!