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About Me

I am first and foremost a mother to three amazing little boys--James, Jonathan, and Andrew (he's brand new, so I'll be adding our family of five photos soon!)--and a wife to an incredibly supportive husband--Trevor. They are my everything and a complete joy. Beyond that, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to work in a field I am incredibly passionate about--photography! My entire life I have been OBSESSED with looking back at old photos and taking pictures of my own. I would sit for hours flipping through the photo albums my mom made from when my brothers and I were kids or shuffling through piles of photographs from my parents' and grandparents' childhoods. There's nothing quite like the nostalgic feeling of paging through old memories.

Because of the joy I got from looking at old photos, I was always inspired to take a million pictures of my own. I would go off to camp when I was young and no matter how many disposable cameras my mother would send me off with, I would come back with every one of them full. I would insist that our first stop on the way home be a store to develop them, then I'd load my new memories into an album or cut and paste them into a collage. It was a thrill to me to know that I was going to be able to relive these moments to my heart's content and easily share them with future generations.

I remember vividly the Christmas I finally received the digital camera I had been begging for--I practically tore the box apart to get started with it as soon as I possibly could! After years of studying and perfecting this passion of mine, I became compelled to share my talent with others. I NEEDED to help others capture beautiful moments in their lives that they could share with their families for years to come. To me, photography isn't simply something I like to do--I have an innate drive to capture life in this manner that is impossible to ignore. There is nothing that gives me more fulfillment than being able to help others have a lasting memento of the beauty of today.

I currently work on location with natural light and I have a passion for fun, bright, colorful images. I am particularly drawn to newborn photography (come on--the chance to work with beautiful little miracles on a regular basis and provide gorgeous images of those miracles that will be treasured forever--how could I not love it?), but enjoy working with families of all kinds! I have fun on ALL of my shoots--how can you not have fun doing something you love?--and the fun always rubs off on everyone. This is so important for a photography session because how you feel is how you're going to look on camera--if you're grumpy or uncomfortable, pictures won't lie, you'll look it. So let's head to a field somewhere and skip around like children or climb a tree or check out some funky alleys and staircases downtown together and capture some memories! What's holding you back?